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Upcoming Webinars | January 2022

Welcome to 2022

We have some extremely relevant, interesting (and even exciting) webinars planned for 2022, along with some fantastic guest speakers to help you as you develop with your #PhDJourney!

Check Our January 2022 Webinars Below!

Wednesday 12 January 2022 (8pm GMT + 8) | Thesis Structures & Evolving Your Writing

Dr Craig J Selby


Develop a personal strategy for getting started with, and continuing the progress of your dissertation writing. This webinar covers two important ideas in developing your thesis. First, it explores the various ‘structures’ (models) of a thesis or dissertation, so that you know what is expected of you, and can strategise your writing accordingly, and build your research and its narrative. Second, it explores effective tips and techniques for getting you writing – practical ideas and advice so you can start writing your dissertation from Day 1.


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Wednesday 19 January 2022 (8pm GMT + 8) | Writing About Methodology

Dr Craig J Selby


You get a whole chapter to defend and outline your methodology. From explaining the methodological gap in prior studies through to outlining your unique approach and execution to your research, and backing that up with evidence to highlight its credibility. This webinar talks about not only what assessors expect in the methodology chapter, but ideas on how to write that - including choice of vocabulary, sentence structure, and how to explain complex ideas in a sound way.


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Wednesday 26 January 2022 (8pm GMT + 8) | Research Ethics & Integrity

Dr Craig J Selby


Ethics is fundamental to excellent research. It can impact how researchers approach their research design. Do you know why? Join this webinar to understand common ethical guidelines and hear best practice advice to avoid breaching discipline-based and institutional-based rules.


We will discuss common ethical guidelines and best practice advice to avoid breaching discipline-based and institutional-based rules. Also addressed will be issues of Ethics in relation to research pivots online.


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